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Wilson, Briana

Email: briana.wilson@spps.org

Phone: 651-744-4395

Qualifications: Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education Masters of Education in Differentiated Instruction

Ms. Briana Wilson

Ms. Wilson started teaching at Riverview in January of 2014. She received her degree in elementary education and teaching license from Augsburg College. A few years later she went back to school, at Concordia St. Paul for a Masters in Education. Ms. Wilson taught third grade during her first year at Riverview and then moved to fourth grade in the fall of 2014.

Ms. Wilson spends a lot of time at school during the school year. When she is not at Riverview, she is hanging out with her pets Snickers (cat), Luna (cat), and Ellie (dog). She also loves traveling (Disney World is her favorite), reading, and spending time at the YMCA.

Ms. Wilson was born in Minneapolis and has lived in St. Paul since she was a child. Ms. Wilson attended St. Paul Public Schools throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  

Ms. Wilson loves teaching at Riverview and being a part of the West Side Community. She loves being out in the community and running into scholars and their families.

Message from Ms. Wilson:
I am excited to work with your child and help them grow as a learner. This year we will explore many topics in math, reading, writing, social studies and science. We also will learn how to work as a community and develop positive relationships with peers and teachers. Students will practice communicating their thoughts and feelings, as well as their dislikes and likes in a safe environment.

Everyday we will have Math, Writer's Workshop, Reader's Workshop.

A few of the major math topics covered in fourth grade math, will be:

-multiplying and dividing larger numbers

-recognizing angles, quadrangles, and other polygons

-reading decimals, writing decimals, and understanding the meaning behind decimals

-comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators as well making equivalent fractions

On our class website you will be able to find many math games where students can practice the skills they are learning.

In writing, students will complete two research projects, a poetry unit, write a personal essay, realistic fiction story, and a literary essay.

During Reader's Workshop, students will practice different skills and strategies that will deepen reading comprehension and fluency.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.